hu|man1 W1 [ˈhju:mən] adj
[Date: 1300-1400; : French; Origin: humain, from Latin humanus]
1.) belonging to or relating to people, especially as opposed to machines or animals
There are many different cell types in the human body .
the power of the human mind
The desire for joy lies deep within the human spirit .
Infra-red light is invisible to the human eye .
theories of human behaviour
different areas of human experience
respect for the absolute value of human life
The accident was the result of human error .
The meat was declared unfit for human consumption .
2.) human weaknesses, emotions etc are those which are typical of people
He was also a person with very obvious human failings.
3.) sb is only human
used to say that someone should not be blamed for what they have done
4.) having the same feelings and emotions as ordinary people
He's really not so bad. When you get to know him he seems quite human.
5.) a/the human touch
someone, especially someone in authority, who has the human touch deals with people in a kind friendly way and is able to understand their feelings and problems
The President has been accused of lacking the human touch.
6.) human interest
a quality that makes a story interesting because it is about people's feelings, lives, relationships etc
As a trainee reporter, she covered human interest stories.
7.) the human condition
the experiences, emotions, needs etc that all people share, especially considered as a situation from which it is impossible to escape
8.) human chain
a line of people
Firefighters formed a human chain to carry the brothers to safety.
9.) put a human face on sth also give sth a human face
to make an important event or principle understandable to ordinary people by directing their attention to the way it affects a particular person
Anne Frank was the girl whose diary put a human face on the Holocaust.
10.) capitalism/communism/socialism etc with a human face
a capitalist etc economic and political system that does not ignore people's needs
COLLOCATES for sense 1
the human body
the human brain/mind
the human spirit
the human eye (=used especially when talking about how difficult something is to see)
human behaviour/activity/relationships
human experience
human life
human society
human error
for human consumption (=to be eaten by people)
human 2
human2 W3 also .human 'being n
a person

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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